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"Emma isn’t your normal fitness instructor, she doesn’t judge and she works with you for what YOU want achieve. She won’t push you to beyond your limits either, just works you to your best ability.   Emma is an Inspiration, and really cares and motivates you to get your goals especially if you are struggling. The whole BML business is going from strength to strength and is testament to Emma and her fabulous team."

Stephanie Janes

"I've been training with Matt for 4 months now and have really changed my physique.  I have pecks and arm muscles like never before, a waist and my spinning legs look like the match the rest of my body.  Matts personal training and home exercise plans, coupled with Emma's bulking nutrition has sorted me right out - Thanks a million guys"

Andrew Walters

"I have been trying to loose weight for a long time with little to no success.  I gave up training with personal trainers as quite frankly they terrified me.  I met Emma for a consultation and she made me feel at ease straight away.  She didn't look like your typical trainer and she also didn't act like the others I'd met and trained with.  I achieved my goals with emma (3 stone loss) and have continued to train with her because I love the social element to my personal traininging session.  I started off in 1;1 sessions and now train with 2 other ladies who I have met through training with Emma.  

Many thanks Emma."

Janine Patrick


"I had never used a personal trainer before going to Emma and I was apprehensive about starting with one in my sixties.  Emma took time to understand what I wanted to achieve, carefully designed a programme to suit my needs and develops it as my ability improves in order to keep the exercises appropriate but safe.  Emma is clearly very expert and takes time to explain to me what I am doing and why and I have complete confidence in her.  And she never raises her voice!  I enjoy my PT sessions and I wish I’d started years ago."

A late starter

Weighing in at 13.2 with a BMI that classified me clinically obese, I knew I needed to lose weight. I loathed being in size 18 clothes and getting out of breath at the slightest hint of exercise. I worried about my high blood pressure and emotional reliance on food. I hated me. Cue Emma, recommended to me by a friend and I’ve never looked back!


Each p/t session and every class brings a degree of variety, it’s always challenging AND immensely rewarding. Emma instinctively knows how hard to push me and when I’m ready to try a harder exercise or heavier weight and just as importantly when to stop and change what we’re doing. As a trainer she is the complete package, supporting her clients not just physically but mentally too. She never promised a quick fix or set unrealistic goals, it’s always been about helping me be the best that I can be however long it takes and I’m well on the way.


I’ve now lost over two stone and gained a whole new outlook to exercise, nutrition and my body. Emma has literally helped me to change my life. Take the leap and she can help you change yours too!


"Emma & the rest of BML have restored my faith in exercise. I was very overweight, in my 40's and have been put through punishing training plans with other trainers that I had been put off from exercising all together leading to more weight gain. I am now enjoying my personal trainign sessions and have even started to join exercise classes at BML."

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