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Our Method

Anyone can work out and get in shape. But since we were established back in 2000, we’ve been serving the San Francisco area with a new way to exercise. And our clients can’t stop raving about it! Our method of getting you where you want to go is why BML Personal Training and Fitness Studio is unique. We find out what’s really important to you and design a customized plan for you. This allows you to get to your ideal fitness level sooner. Our staff will encourage you to strive towards your goals. We have everything you need - knowledge, experience and equipment. Start today.


C L A S S  


Online Class Timetable

EFFECTIVE FROM THE 23rd March 2020

Due to the CORVID-19 virus all classes are currently online only until further notice. 

BML is now all set to have you joining our exercise classes in the comfort of your own home, get the whole family involved too… The great news is that you pay for one slot and the whole family can join in for that one payment.

Once you have registered for a class - full details will be sent :-)

- 20 20 20 – 9.15 am
No equipment needed.

- Combat Hiit – 7.15pm – 8.00pm
No Equipment needed.

- Clear cut Core – 9.15am
Equipment needed – Mat or soft flooring.

- Active Weights – 6.15pm
Equipment needed – Dumbbells and a soft floor/mat.

- 50;50 - 30 mins cardio, 30 mins resistance training – 7pm (this replaces step up and lifting revolution – both classes have been combined so that you get the complete fix)
Equipment needed – some weeks dumbbells.

- Cardio/Step with Conditioning – 9.30am
Equipment needed - Mat or a soft floor.

- Yoga – 6pm
Equipment needed- mat or a soft floor.

- 50;50 - 30 mins cardio, 30 mins resistance training – 9.15am (this replaces ladies that lift)Mat or soft floor and sometimes dumbells.

- Stretch flex and tone yoga - 9,30am
Equipment needed- mat or soft floor.

- Virtual Bootcamp – 9am

Body Blitz – 8.10am (this is only for those registered on this block of classes)
No equipment needed.