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Postnatal Fitness

Child friendly classes at BML

Mums, its all about you.


At BML we pride ourselves on specialising in classes for mums.  We believe in respecting our bodies and givening them the time and love we need to recover from child birth.  

Let us tell you alittle ore about what to expect from BML;

Once you have had your 6 weeks check (12 weeks after c-section) you are able to join our specialist postnatal exercise class which you can bring your baby too. We open early so you can feed and get yourself and your little one comfy.  In the first class we do a health care screening which consists of a questionnaire to ascertain if there is any considerations needed in the class and a full Tummy check (over clothes) to check for Diastasis Recti.  With this information we can then make the class specific to you and your own recovery progress. In the class we focus on pelvic floor rehabilitation and strength, building the core muscles back up to help support out bodies and strengthen the whole of the body to get us ready for more vigorous exercise if you wish. There is also a 30 minute coffee morning to get to know the other mums :-)

On completing this class Emma can advise best next steps to help you on your health journey.

Mum fit

Join this class if your baby is 6 weeks to 6 months old.

20 20 20 

Your 2nd stage class.

20 mins of cardio

20 mins of toning

20 mins of stretching.

babies and children welcome*

MUM squad

Fancy getting out and about in the open - this class is perfect.  you and your buggies make your way around Wendover stopping off for some toning exercises at various points throughout. 

ladies that lift

Needing to gain more strength and tone up? Then here's your next step.

None moving babies welome or older children that can remain seated mainly*.

*Children remain at the parents responsibility throughout the class.  

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