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Jan time table released 💪

💥💥💥January Time table released💥💥

So it’s not the January launch I was hoping for, as it looks like tier 4 is here to stay for Jan (TBC). This means all classes will be online, including bootcamp.

That means we get to have more online fun to keep us moving and motivated for Jan. Its a jam packed timetable with lots of classes.

A few changes to note....

There will be new classes added when we can exercise the studio again.

💥New class 💥

Kettle bell and cardio - this can be done with dumbells as well as we are aware not all of you have kettlebells at home. The ultimate class for toning, sculpting, strengthening and stripping away that body fat.

Barre core - we are taking the Hiit element out of this class and making it more of a strengthening and toning based class with attention to the core.

Yin to flow yoga on Thursdays instead of yoga. Leanne has received such great feedback on her Yin class that we are updating the Thursday class to be Yin to flow 😊

Book on via

For more information, contact

We have a very limited number of personal training slots available at the moment, if you would like further details, feel free to drop us an email on the above email address 😊

Let’s get moving again this Jan 💪💥👍👏

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