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Guidance for Customers using the Studio;

The below guidance has been set out to allow all participants to use the studio safely, protecting your own health, those of others and the instructors.  This is also to ensure we do not face unnecessary closures due to covid-19 cases at the studio.

Please read all details below, observe and abide by them to enjoy a worry-free exercise experience 😊


  • Please sign the new PARQ’s and Enrolment forms – these will be sent to all prior to coming to the studio. They will also be emailed to all active online clients.

  • Please do not come to the studio if you feel unwell or are experiencing any of the 3 Covid-19 symptoms (a persistent cough, loss of taste and smell or a high temperature).

  • Please arrive to your session 10 minutes before the start time. This is to allow us to get you settled into your space.

  • Minimal personal items are to be bought into the studio with you.

  • Please come dressed in the cloths you are working out in, you will not be able to change at the studio.

  • Please use the bathroom before you come to the studio.  The toilet can be used, but I would like to avoid this to reduce the risk of moving around the studio.

  • Please ensure you have filled your water bottles up before coming to the studio.

  • If you do need to move around the studio. Please advise the instructor so that they can ensure you remain 1+ metres away from each other.

  • When you arrive, please wait outside by the black/yellow lines down the side of the building.  1 household per line. Please stay 1+ metre apart.  Do not enter the studio until you have been collected.  You will be collected 2 at a time – please ensure you stay 1+ apart.

  • Your temperature will be checked when you arrive at the studio – this is a touchless thermometer.  If you have a temperature, we will ask you to wait 5 minutes in the car park and we will check again, if your temperature is still high you will not be-able to come into the studio.

  • On entering the studio, please use the touchless hand sanitiser unit to sanitise your hands.  

  • You will be taken up into the studio and given an area to work out in.  The area is marked by a spot on the floor and a black line.   Please exercise on your spot at all times (or on your Mat as this might be on top of the spot), please do not step over the black line, this is to ensure you stay 2+ metres away from the person in front. Each spot is 2.5 - 3 metres apart.

  • You will not be able to select your space in the studio.  There is a order in which the studio is filled which needs to be followed to ensure we follow government advice.  Back spaces are filled first, followed by the Front with the middle line being filled last.

  • If any equipment is being used, this will be set out before you arrive and would have been cleaned thoroughly. No equipment can be bought into the studio apart from your own mat. If you need anything specific for the class, this will be prepared for you on arrival.

  • Everyone must face the front at all times unless indicted to face a different direction – everyone is to face the same direction; scientific advice asks us to avoid face to face work out session. 

  • You are not required to wear a mask while working out as its been proven to restrict oxygen flow into the body which in turn has the adverse effect.

  • All windows and doors will always be left open.  The air conditioning unit will not be on as unfortunately this does not circulate fresh air; however, we are permitted to use fans placed in front of the windows for fresh air flow. 

  • When the class has finished, you do not need to clear away or clean equipment, the instructors will do this for you as we have strict cleaning guidelines to follow. 

  • After you leave, we clean everything, with extra attention payed to all touch points.

Please do rest assured that we are doing everything to protect your health 😊

  • Other things to note.  All classes in the studio will also be online, you will not be on camera at any time as the camera is just looking at the instructor at the front of the class. However, class participants maybe able to see you if you choose to keep your camera on. 

  • Part of the beauty of coming to a class is that social engagement, we understand this, but we do need everyone to leave as soon as the class is finished.  However, feel free to chat on the front driveway socially distanced of course 😊

  • There is space for 8 participants in the studio if I follow the government guidelines, however, I have limited it to 7 as this means I have been able to keep a good 2.5-3 metres between you all.

  • No children can come to the classes at the studio at present.

  • If you have recovered from Covid-19 please only return to the class when you have been free of symptoms for at least 7 days with no symptoms. You will not be allowed back to the venue until you receive clearance from the COVID Medical officer or doctor before you return.

  • If you are deemed Clinically vulnerable, please participate in our ONLINE classes until government guidelines change on shielding.


Reminder on car park.

  • 2 spaces at the side of the building.

  • 5 spaces in the overflow carpark by the road side

  • You can also park in the lay by opposite, up on the grass verge opposite if you hve a car that can handle it.

  • There is also parking on Dobbins lane after 11am.  With parking on Thornton crescent, Chiltern road and Mill Mead with no parking restrictions here.

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